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AdGodMedia is a network which prides itself for best in class customer support. We will take care of individual publishers needs and help them to make more money. Sign up right now with the top-rated CPA network!

Our Benefits

Faster Payouts

Each publisher gets started on Net-30 schedule. We analyze your traffic and you will quickly be moved to Net-15 or weekly payments.

Flexible Payments

We currently offer Paypal, Payza, skrill, Wire Transfer,Payoneer and Neteller for payout options. Need something else? Our team will do the best to accommodate your needs.

High Offer Performance

We hand pick every offer running on AdGodMedia platform which convert and pay well. Meaning, you get maximum payout for the traffic you run with us.

In-Depth Reporting

We provide breakdowns on all your traffic including countries and more. Our platform allows you to fully analyze your traffic..

Reliable & Trustworthy

Reliability is a something we highly value at AdGodMedia. Due to the scalibilty of our platform we won't suffer from downtimes in high traffic periods and guarantee we track every click

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Use our simple but efficient File Manager to upload your files with just a few clicks. Once your file has been uploaded, you get to immediately start sharing your links and earning for every download.